Service announcement

Apprenticeship vacancies (Av) has been replaced by new services on GOV.UK:

  • Recruit an apprentice – for training providers (including employers with direct grant funding) to post vacancies and manage applications for apprenticeships and traineeships. The service also has a range of RSS feeds that show apprenticeships vacancies currently available
  • Find an apprenticeship – for candidates looking to search and apply for apprenticeships. Other interested parties can use this service to browse vacancies
  • Find a traineeship – for candidates looking to search and apply for traineeships

API changes

All APIs associated with Av have moved over to recruit an apprentice. Please refer to the updated API user guide for detailed information about our API.

The Av live vacancies tool is unaffected by these API changes


You can contact the National Apprenticeships Service for advice or help using the new services.

National Apprenticeship Service

Telephone: 0800 015 0600 Find out about call charges